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The crux of color choices & my granny squares mini bolster

tiny granny squares in random colors
granny squares mini bolster cover on animal bedding

Use what you have

There were odds and ends of cotton yarn left in my box, which i wanted to use up. So i made a batch of small and simple solid granny squares out of them. In totally random colors.

drawn pattern of mini grannies for bolster

Wanted: Color concept to hold everything together

I decided to make a piece of cloth in the raster 5 x 5 to make a cover for a mini bolster.

To create something harmonious, i needed a plan: 3 additional colors to hold the random colors of the grannies together.

I laid out all my granny squares and a yarn skein in each color i owned. I regarded and considered the different possible combinations by holding them against each other. My intuition was clear: I chose fresie, black and a bright yellow.

I used all three colors to extend the granny squares and crocheted them together in yellow.

5 x 5 tiny colored granny squares crocheted together on the ironing board
5 x 5 tiny colored granny squares crocheted together in yellow

Wrong choice?

BUT – when it was finished, i started doubting the color combination: I really wished to have chosen white instead of yellow for the connecting grid. I wanted the colored grannies to pop out and not the grid. Did i make a wrong choice?

I mean, there are always so many possibilities to choose from.
And maybe there is more than one good solution? Hmmm.

The 2 inner bolster covers

When i bought my big yoga bolster, it was stuffed far too ample.

So i used the leftover spelt to fill my inner (football) cover, made out of a rectangle and two circles. The measurements resulted from the size of my crocheted cover.

To protect the inner cover i made the sun cover, this one is removable and can be washed. It is made of Shweshwe fabric from South Africa, a precious gift from a lovely friend <3.

black/white footballs bolster inlet is filled with spelt
2 bolster inlets: black/white footballs and african suns

Or right choice after all?

Meanwhile i am using the bolster all the time, it is very comfortable for my neck, while reading on my sofa. And I really like it.

First i thought i like it now, because i just got used to it.

Then i realized, that it is the combination of the blue-yellow sun patterned Shweshwe and the bright crochet cover, that makes it work..

minibolster made of mini granny squares with inner sun cover

Do you want to see more of my works with granny squares?


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