maker´s dress front side and back side with unicorn postit

Maker´s dress /2023

Can clothes be bridges between different eras of one´s life?Yes, they definitely can. They can be transformed and adapted to the new life situation and still carry the (hopefully good) memories of the past.

The maker´s dress is made of overalls worn by me only a few times in a play in 2003. Now, 20 years later I refashioned it into a work dress for my creative endeavors.

Play is definitely a part of work – and of my maker´s dress:

maker´s dress back side with unicorn postit
maker´s dress front side stitched details: play + make new friends

And I like running stitches and their endless possibilities:

running stitches on orange insert
patch "evolution" attached with running stitches
gehäkeltes Ukrainefähnchen mit Herz in einer Straße in Wien

freedom & peace /2022

Mini-flags for freedom & peace in Ukraine & everywhere.

Oder in den Worten meiner Yogalehrerin:
„Lass alle Wesen auf allen Planeten Liebe und Frieden erfahren.“ (May everyone everywhere be happy, feel compassion and be free.)

Painted, crocheted, embroidered, sewn. Size 7 x 15 cm.
Locations: viennese streets

Ukrainian flag with a crocheted heart and a stitched dove
Rückseite Ukraine-Fahne: origine inconnu

the Crow /2017

My first carving experiment: amulet made in a workshop of Ed E. Bryant, a canadian artist from the Tsimshian-tribe in the world museum Vienna

I had the choice between the four totem animals associated with a Tsimshian-clan: eagle, orca, crow and wolf.

amulet with crow-motif in the middle of the pattern and the paint

bunting /2012

I used the Screenprint “controles-toi”, which i made 1999 in Italy and other cloth out of my decades-old fabric-stash.

Photos taken in Augarten, Vienna

Bunting Detail mit controles-toi
Rückseite Wimpelkette mit Recognise-Label
kadoosh: Subjektiv wie immer!

kadoosh /2005

Collective blog with friends, online from 2005-2009
Involved humans: kaash kirsche margoloh tortuga xing

Slogan translated: Diversity is the strength of the collective. still exists deep in my heart. It was definitely a blast, thanks kaash kirsche margoloh and tortuga!

Logo kadoosh: 2 Seiten 1 Geshichte
Our first sujet, meaning something like “2 aspects – 1 story”
Wobbling Babe vor dem BH mit Projektionen

Wobbling Babe /2004


Show 15.08.2004 at Peripheral Visions: CESTA’s 10-year anniversary Summer in Tabor, CZ

The body of a woman – captured between physical reality and projections: Her body is not a unit anymore, is dismembered into single parts. First speechless, she refinds words and starts to raise her voice.

toert and xingxing at work:
xingxing (performance, words, images, installation)
toert (sound, images, installation)

Spoken words:

Being silent did not protect me.
Silence is consent.
So I decided to break the silence. Break the silence.
Odoma bongiri bongiri
Breaking the silence means starting to feel myself, my body.
Exploring my physical landscape.
Waking up.I always felt divided into two parts, disconnected, uprooted.
I like and accept the upper part of my body.
My hands are probably too big for a woman, but it is useful to have strong hands for giving and taking.
In my Yoga-center I realized that I am the sole woman with hair in my armpits.
I was tempted to shave it, because I did not want to be different. But I like it.
Yes, I have dreams and I want them to come true.*
When I was a kid, I learned, that a girl has to be beautiful to be loved.
Everybody told me, that I am intelligent.
So I learned fast, that I am not beautiful.
A destructive loop started, something whispering in my head:
You are not beautiful.
You have this.
You don´t have that.
Anyway, I like my chest. It is part of the upper part of my body.
But here´s the border: the navel - my center.
I hate the lower part of my body.
I am a woman cut off in her center, cut off in her center, cut off in her center.
Once I had an accident. I fractured my spine right away in the middle.
Suddenly my body really was broken into two parts.
I recognized that the only important thing is a whole working body.
It doesn´t matter how it looks.
And I did it. The dream became true: one beautiful body.
But then the spirit of Barbie returned, whispering
„belly too fat, hips too fat, ass as well, thighs too huge, everything wobbling.“
Recently I saw a photo of myself, when I was twelve years old. It showed a sweet young slim girl.
But I remember so well, that I was desperate about my fat legs.
Can perception create reality?
Because now – 25 years later – I really have got legs like an elefant.
Did I succeed to create them?
I heard, that peacocks are screaming so horribly, just because they find their legs so ugly. I feel like a peacock.
If perception can create reality, I will create the reality, I want to have.
I create myself.
Enjoying the power of my belly.
Respecting the strength of my legs connecting myself to earth.
Yes, I have dreams and I want them to come true.
Throw off fear and shame.
Refind forgotten familiarity.
Strike the right note. Give the keynote.
Feel safe and free.
Moving on into the unknown, until life becomes my dream.

*credits: I borrowed this sentence from the Austrian band Extended Versions.

Systemfehler ou le debut /1997

Backdrop for OQP Soundsystem
size: ~ 4 x 2.5 metres
acrylic paint on bedlinen

Backdrop Systemfehler: a human gets thrown into the tekno spiral

I started to paint it 1996 in a squat in Florence/IT.
Soon after i had a severe car-accident in Bologna, which forced me to leave the tribe. I went back to Austria for my healing-journey.
So the first draft got lost somewhere on the road.

After my return 1997 i painted the final backdrop in the squat of mononom (a great Dutch Soundsystem) in Zeist/NL. Grateful forever, mononoms!

the system operator
the system controller
the system reward
virus love . virus life
la petite magicienne
le debut
leaving the known
into the unknown
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Backdrop Keep on transmitting

keep on transmitting /1996

Backdrop for OQP Soundsystem
size ~ 3 x 2 m
acrylic paint on bedlinen

Backdrop Keep on transmitting

I painted it mainly in the Netherlands in the horse stable from Ubiq, a supernice French Soundsystem – with candle-light, because there was no electricity. I finished it in the basement of Henk <3

The backdrop travelled with Sound Conspiracy to Goa / India.
petit bonhomme qui cours

le petit bonhomme qui cours dans le chaos /1995

Backdrop for OQP Soundsystem
size ~ 3 x 2 m
acrylic paint on bedlinen

This backdrop was the idea and the project from Mel, my British artist friend on the road. I was helping her to paint it. So i learned a lot about painting a backdrop. Thanks Mel for always being such a big inspiration for me.

petit bonhomme qui cours
© OQP Soundsystem
Backdrop Le petit bonhomme qui cours on a dancefloor, somewhere
Transparent 800 Jahre Weisungen und Verbote

800 Jahre Weisungen und Verbote /1994

Banner for the big feast in and in front of Jugendkulturhaus Pinguin in Wiener Neustadt

We chose the slogan “800 years instructions and interdictions”, because the municipality Wiener Neustadt celebrated their 800-years-existence, while they tried to shut down our youth club. We ran the club as a collective.

The handsome punk under the banner was one of our guests.