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Hide a stain with a rainbow granny!

I own a lilac jumper i never wore, because he had a tea stain in the front – right in the center. Which was a shame, cosy and comfortable as it was.

But there was this rainbow granny i made during my granny square crocheting fever.

granny square with a rainbow on white background
The rainbow is a very emotional and strong symbol for me.

Why a rainbow?

Once i was visiting an old lady in a retirement home for a few years. There i made a training in validation (a method to get in contact with persons suffering with dementia).
One task we had to do was to create an image of the last stage in the life of an old man or woman.

Almost all attendees painted dark, austere and grim landscapes. Me and another woman painted a huge magnificent rainbow spanning the whole life of a human.
Is´nt it a perfect symbol for a human´s life span with all its ups and downs?

rainbow granny square on lilac jumper in detail
As you can see, my granny is far from perfect. I think handmade things do not need industrial perfection.

Instructions rainbow granny square

  • The basic granny is a simple square in your desired size (32 stitches in my case) made with single crochet stitches in white cotton yarn. Hook size: 3
  • The rainbow itself is embroidered in chain stitches.
  • Each rainbow stripe is extended with either macrame square knots or macrame spiral knots.

Visible mending with a granny patch

So i thought why not using this pretty granny square as a patch for my jumper?

rainbow granny square on lilac jumper
lilac jumper with a rainbow granny square in the front center

I sewed the patch on the jumper with simple running stitches in lilac yarn.

It is strange, but since this “mend” i am wearing the jumper all the time. It is now unique for me and suddenly precious. And amazingly tactile which i love.

A friend of mine said, it looks like climate justice stuff. That´s ok with me 😉

Do you want to see more of my works with granny squares?


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