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Cosmos, the co-created jeans-dress *1

This beautiful dress was co-created by lovely visitors on the mannequin in my workshop booth during Maker Faire Vienna.

May I introduce cosmos to you?

The status after Maker Faire Vienna: A tucked dress on the mannequin.

Tucked jeans dress on mannequin front
Tucked jeans dress on mannequin front

Why cosmos?

flowers cut out from fabrics

I am assuming that the bee on the pocket needs some joy and food during its life in this dress universe.

So I decided to build in hidden flowers: Beautiful flowers called cosmos (bipinnatus).

They are my personal contribution to the creation of this dress.

Now I am coming into play. The dress needs to be sewn:

Manufacturing cosmos

This dress is complex, full of ideas and abundant, sumptuous.

My intention is to make it comfortable, robust, durable and machine-washable, so that it will persist the demand of being worn a lot.

Plus I let the specific creators of each part influence my translation of the design into the production process.

A challenging task in any case. I am excited!

Finding solutions for each challenge

First of all I analyzed cosmos thoroughly to find out, what wants to be done.

Then I split the dress in parts for easier construction work.

Plus I have to find a solution for fastenings to be able to put on the dress easily, because this detail was not resolved by the designers.

Starting with the bee pocket

The pocket made of the end of a jeans´ leg with a hand-stitched bee patch seemed to be a good starting point.

Bee pocket on jeans dress tucked on mannequin
Jeans pocket with bee patch finished on mannequin

This work is really about details. First I attached the cross-stitch patch by hand on the front side of the pocket.

Jeans pocket with bee patch with sewing needle and scissors
Jeans pocket with bee patch finished
My intention is to make it comfortable, robust, durable and machine-washable, so that it will persist the demand of being worn a lot.

Then I closed the pocket bottom with an invisible seam made with the sewing machine – to be on the safe side .

After that I used my beautiful original jeans yarn, which I already had harvested from old jeans to make two seams with running stitches on top of the machine seam.

running stitches seam with harvested jeans yarn on jeans
inner bee pocket with serged lining

For the pocket opening I made an inner placket with jeans cloth, which I sewed on the outer border with a yellow machine seam.

The outer border is left cut, without serging.

The inner border has got yellow serging and is fastened with blind stitches (= invisible).

layers of jeans / skirt part of dress

The creation of the hidden flowers

fabric flowers on vlies plus scissors
cut fabric flowers with fabric scraps

I intend to stitch the flowers with running stitches onto the surface.

Because I am using woven fabric for the cut out flowers, I ironed them on light interfacing (Vlieseline) to prevent fraying and dissolving.

cut out fabric flowers

Flowers cut out from fabric

Now I am thinking about the right places for the flowers.
What do you think? Where should they go?

The second part of “Cosmos, the co-created jeans-dress *2“ is about the making of the skirt part of the dress and lifts the secret of the final locations of the hidden flowers.


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