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New year, new (up)cycle

After experimenting with textile work in general in 2022 i will focus now on upcycling textiles.

Nowadays it feels dull for me to produce new stuff made of new resources. There is too much stuff around to be consumed in our hemisphere already. But still: I love to make things, textiles in particular.

Therefore I am planning to use already existing materials to make something “new“ out of them.

In the first step i will use up my unworn, mostly preloved clothing and the (meanwhile vintage) cloth i collected 3 decades ago.

And in reality I have already started to upcycle some things in the last year:

Upcycling projects of 2022


I made a removable extension for my too short pinafore dress, fastened with sew-on snaps.

The idea was to make more extensions in different colors and fabrics over time to have even more options – just with one dress.

natural colored pinafore dress with colorful elongation
detail of the snap of the colorful elongation for a dress


After dying these sneakers I wore them nonstop the whole summer.

orange innerbag of crocheted backpack

For the crocheted backpack i used the inner bag of a broken weekender.

This top was too tight. So i made an inset out of a rest of bedding.

Repairing and mending

patches with reflector fabric on dark grey jumpsuit

My beautiful linen jumpsuit got mended with reflective material and satin stitch in colorful yarn.

stitched rainbow on white linen cushion

This cushion cover had stains, that wanted to be covered with a rainbow.


I created the Enjoy the little things top out of three old T-Shirts (with the pattern from Alabama Chanin).

black and white top made of 3 old t-shirts
Back of black and white top made of 3 old t-shirts


These two soft necklaces are made of discarded fabrics: PEACE & JOY

woman with braid wearing soft necklace "peace"
Faun mit Weitblick with soft jewelry JOY

For the little flag for freedom & peace in Ukraine i used a rest of white cloth, which i painted, stitched and crocheted.

freedom & peace flag for Ukraine fastened on a bridge


I am so excited to dive fully into exploring the wide field of upcycling textiles!


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