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Use what you have: CDs on a tote bag

When cleaning up lately, I found a pile of old CDs.

a pile of CDs
a circle of CDs

Do you also keep your old CDs though not knowing what to do with them?

Zero waste & 1 R of the 5 Rs: Reuse!

The five zero waste principles (according to Bea Johnson, the “mother” of zero waste lifestyle movement) are:

  1. Refuse
  2. Reduce
  3. Reuse
  4. Recycle
  5. Rot

I read lately in a book about cleaning (NOT from Marie Kondo!): “Before giving something away find a way to reuse it, make something beautiful and/or useful with it.”

This made sense to me and finally motivated me to create something with my CDs.

Tote bag “head over heels”

I found a colorful tote bag in a vintage shop ages ago and never used it. But now her time has come!

6 CDs attached in triangle pattern on colourful tote bag on mannequin
green quilted leaf heart with yellow borders

The making-of

CDs are quite easy to attach with string or yarn on cloth due to the hole in the center.

Do you like the cool pattern I created with the string? I do and I suppose there are still many pattern possibilities to discover. Fortunately I still have CDs left, so stay tuned.

CD attached with white strings on colorful cloth
Clever stitching to create a nice pattern
6 CDs attached in triangle form with white strings on colorful bag
Triangle head over heels

The rainbow mirror effect is really mesmerizing!

green quilted leaf heart with yellow borders

More bags


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