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“hex for peace“ / soft jewelry

Why i made the necklace

I like crafting small signs, in this case showing my desire for this world.

While stitching each stitch i process my grief, my anger, my fear, my helplessness and all the other emotions caused by this cruel war in Ukraine and elsewhere. Transforming grief, anger, fear, helplessness,… into beauty, hope and confidence.

The soft necklace named “hex for peace“ can be used to beautify my tailor´s dummy. Or as an outfit for demonstrations. Or embellish a fierce monument out in the streets.

peace-necklace worn by a woman
tailors dummy with soft necklace "peace"
monument of a man with peace-necklace surrounded by people

How i made the necklace

tracing the word PEACE on the laptop on translucent paper

Because i did not feel like designing my own typo, i used the text editor on a computer screen to trace the needed letters with a sheet of translucent paper. Then i glued them to a piece of thin cardboard and cut them with a Stanley knife.

I traced the letters on embroidered white cotton for the front side. For the backside i used Shweshwe fabric (a gorgeous gift from a friend which she got for me in South Africa). To strengthen the letters i used fibrous web on both pieces of cloth.

Using the running stitch i sewed front side and backside together. After connectiong them i cut them out and sewed them on a long string crocheted with chain stitches. There are pearls integrated in this string, which i threaded on the yarn, before i started crocheting.

necklace with the word PEACE in white cloth
backside of cloth letters of necklace

This piece is inspired by this necklace of Emi Iwakiri. She is a Japanese designer and artisan making stunning soft jewelry and clothing.

Want to see more soft jewelry? Read about my JOY necklace!


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