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I can´t get enough from running stitches

Running stitches are the simplest stitches imaginable, but can be applied in so many different ways.

What I love the most, is the haptic experience. The texture of a piece of cloth changes completely when embroidered. As a real textile lover I discover cloth at least as much with my hands as with my eyes. It must feel good. This is also one reason for my preference of natural fibres. Because they always feel good.

Spica 4seasons phone case

embroidered phonecase with pearl necklace and cord

Old tote bag print, embroidered
+ cord with knitting dolled red yarns
+ vintage necklace
= mobile phone case

embroidered cloth for phone case + cord + necklace
colorful embroidery


Indigo yarn on linen with found shapes

white linen with found shapes and indigo yarn running stitches
indigo yarn embroidery

Patch “bee“

cross stitch bee on white running stitches

Patch “Toothless“

Cotton thread & gold thread on cotton jersey print & black jeans

patch with toothless

Patch “House for Sam“

patch with embroidered house, flowers and sun
embroidered house with flowers

The maker´s dress

front maker´s dress: Play & make new friends & love stitchings

My maker´s dress has been overalls before the modification.

Read more about the making of the maker´s dress!

detail maker´s dress: Play & make new friends
detail maker´s dress: Love something in the making
detail maker´s dress: black stitching on orange back side
detail maker´s dress: evolution with running stitches back side

Corsage top –Enjoy the little things–

Handsewn top made of three vintage t-shirts
Read more on instagram

black white corsage top front and back side

Scrunchies 012, 017, 023, 026

In my project A scrunchie a day I am creating a unique scrunchie (almost) each day, playing with different techniques.

orange white and black scrunchie
white black scrunchie with indigo running stitches
rose scrunchie with white stars and green running stitches
white black orange scrunchie
orange white blue and black scrunchie open
white black scrunchie with indigo running stitches
rose scrunchie with white stars and green running stitches open
white black orange scrunchie open


In-betweens are remnants of cloth, sewn together and stitched in between other projects, especially if I have only 10 minutes in between other things or if I need a break from other projects. Because it is just so relaxing.

flower patterned cloth with white running stitches
pastell rainbow running stitches
pastell rainbow running stitches

Soft jewelry

Necklaces JOY & PEACE

Running stitches on faux suede and cotton – for people and for monuments.

More infos about JOY necklace / soft jewelry and PEACE necklace / soft jewelry

textile necklace with JOY-letters and crocheted flowers on yellow top
Faun mit Weitblick with soft jewelry JOY
woman with braid wearing soft necklace "peace"
peace necklace on head of monument

Seed stitch on indigo linen

rose and blue seed stitch on indigo batik

Avocado rose and indigo blue yarn on indigo batik vintage linen

Seed stitch is a variation of the running stitch with a different look and feel. While the texture of running stitches, running in the same direction feels kind of smooth and comforting, the texture of seed stitches feels harsh, rugged and thrilling..

As it is in real life: It feels far more comforting to run in the same direction with all the others and far more exciting to find your own way.

rose and blue seed stitch on indigo batik

Patchwork and mini granny squares

Yoga bolster cover in patchwork technique (machine sewn) with running stitches to fix the seam allowances, subtle and adding the nice feeling of handmade.

patchwork cover for yoga bolster in rose lightblue darkblue and olive with mini grannies
patchwork in rose lightblue darkblue and olive with mini grannies

More running stitches

Ruche crop top with running stitched ruffle waves


I will continue exploring the possibilities of running stitches. There is still so much to discover.

And if I need to calm myself I will go for running stitches. They are always soothing my soul.


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