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Cosmos, the co-created jeans-dress *2

This is part 2 of the making of Cosmos. You can find part 1 here.

Tucked jeans dress on mannequin front
Tucked jeans dress on mannequin back

This beautiful dress was co-created by lovely visitors on the mannequin in my workshop booth during Maker Faire Vienna.

After creating the bee pocket and the flowers I am now making the skirt part of the dress and placing the hidden flowers.

Making the lower part / skirt of the dress

Mini jeans train over batik underskirt

back skirt part of dress with jeans train tucked

This is the tucked backside with a batik waistband, a batik underskirt plus a patchworked jeans mini train.

batik train cut

The cut of the batik underskirt: I keep the wonky lines, they are so charming.

pattern scribble for batik train for dress cosmos
batik skirt basted

The batik waistband

connects the top with the skirt.

lower part of dress from backside with red arrows

Sara from New York was the first one using the batik cloth – for the waistband. So she was setting the direction the dress would take. Thank you, Sara!

batik waistband cut plus jeans mini train
batik waistband with lightblue lining
Batik waistband with soft lining

Transformation of mini jeans train

jeans train backside sewn
Backside of mini train after sewing
detail jeans train frontside sewn
Detail mini train with lining
gold, rust brown and pastel brown sewing thread

My choice of colors for stitching the jeans train and the embroidered flowers:
Gold and two beautiful hues of brown.

The golden thread is only used for the hidden flowers.

Hidden flowers

-1- Hidden cosmos on jeans train lining

This flower lives on the lining of the jeans train and is attached with golden thread.

cut out lilac flower stitched on light blue cloth with golden thread
hand lifts mini train to show hidden flower

-2- Hidden flowers on the heart on the back side

First I stitched the white patch with the two red buttons on the batik heart.

batik heart with stitched white patch "Helga" and two red buttons

This little navy triangles shows my obsession with details. I unstitched this tiny triangle from the batik cloth and used it on the light blue backside as soil for the cosmos flower. Unnecessarily? Probably yes, but I really love this kind of evolution and this level of detailing.

batik heart with tucked white patch "Helga" and two arrows pointing to triangle
cut out lilac flower stitched on light blue cloth with golden thread
hand lifts heart to show hidden flower

The two layers of the heart are joined by hand with chain stitches and serging stitches in rose and navy.

-3- Subtle effect on front skirt strap

hidden flower stitched on backside of skirt flap
Stitched flower hidden on the backside
hidden flower subtle stitching
Same stitched flower on the frontside

And I really like this adorable, almost hidden flower – living on one of the long skirt straps, like a faint imprint of beauty.

-4- And last but not least: The tiniest flower…

tiny hidden flower on waistband

… sits on the waistband in the back.

It is hidden by the train / batik part of the skirting.

Also attached with golden thread. Cute it is!

A dress made to play hide-and-seek 😉

Coming soon: In the third part of “Cosmos, the co-created jeans-dress *3“ the dress will be finished.


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