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Use what you have: tote bags made of an old curtain

I found a few old curtains in my stash and as i do not use curtains in my current flat, i remembered that a friend once showed me her cute bag made out of transparent curtain fabric.

So i decided i need a new tote bag – or two.

Tote bag “JOY”

As you can never have too much joy in your life, i decided i will work again with the word JOY.

I basted the JOY letters (faux suede) on the cloth and sew it on with the sewing machine:

letters JOY sewn on tote bag

Creating is about making choices, even about the basic things. For example: I was thinking about the thread color i wanted to use to stitch the velour letters onto the bag. First i chose orange, yellow and light blue thread. BUT: After i made a test-sewing in orange, i felt: No. I wanted something simpler – and suddenly there was neon yellow in my mind. Test and bingo: Though it is very subtle i like it.

finished totebag JOY hanging on lampstring with light behind
finished totebag JOY hanging on lampstring

Here is a scribble with the pattern of the totebag (in centimetres):

scribbled pattern of joy totebag

If you want to read more about joy, i also made this textile necklace “enJOY”.

See also on my instagram page.

Knotted tote bag

There was this old stained tote bag with a cute print. My idea was to cover it with a net tote bag so that the stains will not be visible anymore.

a pile of cut curtain straps in front of a sewing machine
First i ripped the curtain in 12 long straps
stitched curtain straps of knotted tote bag
Running stitches in green on half transparency straps

Here you can see the technique i used, i made simple knots crosswise:

knotted tote bag hanging on a bike
Red running stitches on the straps
knotted tote bag hanging on "no admittance" sign
Ready to use again!

Details of the strap and the back closing of the bag, i attached the red string with green yarn:

detail strap knotted tote bag hanging on a bike in Vienna inner city
detail knotted tote bag hanging on a bike in Vienna inner city

Though the curtain is made of synthetic fiber, i think it is better to use it as long as possible and keep it out of the landfill. What do you think?


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