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Maker Faire Vienna 23 was magnificent

What a journey it was: Maker Faire Vienna 23 was truly magnificent 💫 thanks to its thriving community of makers and the excellent team. Thank you, guys!

The starting point

workshop booth for maker faire vienna is ready
My workshop booth Saturday morning

Let´s create a dress together!

I invited my visitors to create a dress together, on my vintage mannequin. And they really did.

dress 1: The t-shirt dress

At least five visitors were involved in the making of this beautie.

woman and her daughter making a dress on the mannequin
shirt dress with whales on mannequin

In-between: My first talk ever

joanna introducing my talk on stage

Joanna, one of the amazing organizers is introducing the “Make Fashion last” panel of the talks.

I gave a lightning talk about “Upcycling and Refashioning“, showing the possibilities via examples of my work.

Everything went well, though I really was nervous. I could not have found a more kind and well-meaning environment and audience for my first talk.

me on stage hoilding my lightning talk

A gorgeous butterfly

This incredible 10 year old girl came by and sewed a beautiful stuffed butterfly on the sewing machine. She already learned to sew with 9 years from her Grandma. Marvellous.

girl on sewing machine talking with Helga in the booth
selfmade blue fabric butterfly holden in hands

Scrunchies, scrunchies, scrunchies

42 scrunchies hanging on a white curtain

These scrunchies were my gift for the lovelies, who participated in designing dresses on the mannequin. Yes, plural, dresses! There were three dresses put together collaboratively during the two days of the faire, yippie!

Dress 2: The jeans dress Cosmos

Sign help me to finish this dress
2 girls pulling old jeans out of a box

After the design work of 4 grown-ups on the jeans dress these 2 gorgeous girls took matters into their hands and finished the dress in an unbelievable burst of creativity and enthusiasm.

They were working together naturally and efficiently. With an amazing output of good design solutions and ideas. So adorable.

2 girls working in my workshop booth

I learned so much from my young visitors. To witness their direct approach of plunging into creating and fearlessly following their guts, was a heart-opening experience for me. Thanks, girls <3

2 girls thinking about the design of the jeans pocket
3 scrunchies on the arm of a lovely girl cutting cloth

Here is the result

tucked jeans dress on mannequin, front side
tucked jeans dress on mannequin, back side

And besides I got so much love!

Using buttons
2 girls painting a bird on white cloth

Read more about the manufacturing process of Cosmos.

Dress 3: The colorful dress Melyna

And then came Meli and created this colorful dress! Lynn and Nina joined in and the third dress, the colourful one appeared out of imagination:

girl putting together yellow, light green and light blue dress on mannequin
2 young women working on a colourful dress on the mannequin


hands stitching sneaker part on dress
There is a sneakertop sewed on the back of the dress
Nina with finished colorful dress on mannequin

Interesting people, interesting conversations

And of course I had many interesting chats with lovely humans of all ages and many backgrounds. I really love the openness, playfulness and kindness of this bunch of people coming together at Metastadt.

girl drawing in booth of rooming inn

I did not have time to walk around and make pics of all the amazing booths and things happening. Except this one:

Rooming Inn

is an amazing initiative for boosting arts in public spaces and had a great booth.

The question was: Where would you like to have more art? And there came a lot of responses as you can see.

I am so grateful and proud to be a part of this strong vivid community. Thank you for each and everyone, who visited me and my booth!

You can find a lot of images about the event generally on the facebook page and the instagram page of Maker Faire Vienna to get an idea of the whole spectacle. Believe me, it is worth it!


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