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Use what you have: Messenger bag “inner peace“

This old black messenger bag was lurking around my space with a front labeling I did not like. I used just one CD to hide the label and add interest.

And tschaka: I am using the bag again!

To attach the lilac iridescent CD on the bag I crocheted a black peace sign.

I like the effect of black on lilac on black. It feels like inner peace: Shininess in the darkness.

Material needed

  • 1 CD in your color of choice
  • Black ( or any color you like) thin crocheting yarn like the one your grandma would use for her doilies / 100 % cotton
  • 1 crochet hook size 2.0
  • 1 medium needle with sharp point
  • A thimble
  • Basting thread

Be warned: Crocheting with such thin black yarn has one big downside: It is so hard to see the stitches while working and where to put the next one, sigh.
But it had to be black anyway for the look I envisioned / desired.

How to make it

CD and scribble of peace sign

Sketch the pattern for peace sign

Trace the CD including the inner hole on strong paper and draw the peace sign onto it.

Crocheting instructions for peace sign

crochet pattern scribble peace sign

Make 18 chain stitches (make sure to check if they fit exactly the length of the top center foot. If not adapt the numbers and leave a long yarn tail, you will need it later for attaching..

Add 1 chain stitch for the next row, turn around and crochet 1 row of single crochet stitches. At the end of the row you make 1 chain stitch and 1 single crochet.

Turn around and make again 1 chain stitch and a row of single crochet stitches.

Now continue with the right foot: 20 chain stitches, turn around and

make 2 chain stitches and 20 half double crochet. Close the row with 1 slip stitch in the center of the first row.

Start with the bottom center foot: 22 chain stitches, turn around and

make 2 chain stitches and 22 half double crochet retour. Close the row with 1 chain stitch and 1 slip stitch in the center of the first row.

Continue with the left foot: Make 20 chain stitches and

then 2 chain stitches and 20 halb double crochet retour. Close the row with 1 slip stitch in the beginning of the center foot. Finish and leave a long tail for fastening it onto the bag.

back side of old CD with black string

Attach the peace sign + CD

To attach the peace sign on the CD, tie the 2 beginnings of yarn temporarily on the back side to make a good starting point for the fixing action.

If the flap is lined, take care to not mess up the lining, while attaching the CD. It will be best to bast around the CD-area before sewing.

CD with black peace sign on bag cloth

To attach CD plus crocheted peace sign on the bag, start with sewing on the end of the bottom center foot (opposite the temporary bow). Make sure, that there is the right tension, not too loose, not too tight.

Continue with attaching the left and right foot on the bag. At last you stitch the center points of the peace .sign.

Exchanging ring and slider buckle

Old fastening ring of black messenger bag
Before: Ring hack

My bags have to carry heavy, so I replaced the strap-hack with a solid ring, harvested from a broken handbag of mine.

New strong fastening ring of black messenger bag
After: New strong ring and slider buckle

This tiny hardware adaption makes a huge difference. It looks and feels a lot better than before, of higher value.

black messenger bag with peace CD


I think this is not always true, but in this case it definitely is: Less is more.

More upcycling with CDs


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