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Playlist shirt “What was I made for?“

There were times in my life, when music was one of the most important things for me. Not as a musician, but as a dancer and listener. Though I never knew the names of the titles or artists of the music I listened to, because this was in before-internet-era.

These times were followed by many years, in which I enjoyed silence more than anything else.

Now I start to retrieve music again and thanks to internet I even know the names of the songs I listen to, sometimes.

Playlist garments

Playlist shirt from back in the skies
PLAY on the back side

To celebrate the retrieval of sound I made a playlist for a blue shirt. It is a short one, just five songs. It describes an intense process I already went through a few times in my life: A kind of restart.

I plan to make a serial of these playlist garments.

My playlist shirt “What was I made for”

playlist shirt floating in the sky


This shirt was a remnant of the shirts I used for Axis, the dress with a wearable spine.

I straightened the hemline, kept the front center straps from the button tab, removed the ones on the side and used the leftover fabric from the length for two new straps.

pile of 5 shirts for patchwork dress
stitched 2. Maria rêve on blue strap in the sky
stitched 3. Soleils on blue strap in the sky
stitched 4. A cunning plan on blue strap in the sky
stitched 5. I sing my song on blue strap in the sky

The song stripes

I used the straps for the song titles including the number of sequence.

Since my sewing machine can stitch the alphabet, I tried it (first time!) and it looks quite nice so far.

I was hiding the 4th track on the button tab under a piece of cloth, because the stitched together button holes did not look nice.

Plus I hid the first track (the preliminary question) under the answer (the 5th track).

Each song title is stitched in a different color, catching the emotion of the song.

Wearing options

The crisp cotton is so comfortable and flattering to wear on warm summer evenings, when you need a light cover up or on the first autumn days (hello autumn!).

It can be worn closed as a shirt, open as a jacket or you can play with the stripes and connect them to one of the buttons.

The (film)music of the playlist

1. What was I made for? / Billie Eilish

“What was I made for” is my fave song from the movie “Barbie“. Sometimes I am listening to it for hours in the loop, it is so beautiful! Billie Eilish is awesome.

Finding the answer to this question seems to be one of my life challenges.

2. Maria rêve and 3. Soleils / René Aubry

These two songs are from the soundtrack of “Maria rêve” (“Maria träumt”), an adorable french feelgood movie. It is enchanting, the kind of movie, that opened my heart wide for the beauty of our world and the many possibilities in it .

Dreaming a dream, envisioning a vision and playing in the sunshine are the next steps in the process of restarting.

4. A cunning plan and 5. I sing my song / René Aubry

The remaining two songs are from René Aubry, who made the soundtrack of “Maria rêve”.

If I am persistent, finally a plan is evolving on the thin line between intuition and reality. With a little bit of luck and a lot of play and work I come to the point, where I sing my song, the song only I can sing.

Until eventually the circle starts again, on the next level of the game.


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