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My button-repository / haberdashery

Finishing unfinished projects is a good start

black red and white cloth with golden and silver buttons attached

Years ago i started to attach buttons from my collection on this piece of handwoven linen from my grandmother. With the aim to attach all my buttons on a big piece of cloth hanging in my space as a piece of art.

Now i decided to continue working on this button-stash.

The fun part

The fun started with sorting buttons – first making piles ordered by color.

Followed by puzzle time (better than meditation;). Finding the matching buttons and rearranging the hues is a joyous occupation.

a red and a green pile of buttons
collection of sorted red buttons in different hues
collection of sorted black buttons of different styles

Especially in the black department there are too many buttons that look similar – but are not really the same. Hmm.

And why there are so many 4-hole-buttons and so little 2-hole-buttons?

Some of the buttons i own since decades, some since years. I did not chase them particularly, they just came to me, often as a bulk gift from nice people.

Patience and joy

work in progress

Sewing on the buttons is taking long, because i stitch each button separetely onto the cloth. So i can cut the button easily if needed, without destroying the whole creation.

Sewing is again meditation time. And patience time. And joy time.

It is so cool to be able to see what i have. And it is pretty.

… to be continued – there are more buttons waiting for hopping into the repository.

Will i ever use all my buttons? Well, at least they serve as a wall hanging in between.

detail of button-wallhanging
Wallhanging with attached buttons in many colors

Meanwhile all buttons are attached.

button repository finished
button repository finished

Here you can see and especially hear the button repository in motion.

I even like the backside of the button stash, all the knots make a really nice surface:

backside of button repo: only many white knots
backside of button repo: only many white knots buttons shining through

Here you can see the backside in motion.


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