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First things first: my equipment

My ancient tools

I have got a few devices and accessories, that went along with me since decades – so they became very special to me:

My tailor´s mannequin

I bought her 1986 in a flea market in a Styrian Château. Even then she was already worn. And beautiful. She still is.

ancient sewingmachine Bernina 707 minimatic
Bernina 707 minimatic

My ancient sewing machine

I bought her already used in 1987, she was produced in 1972. She is incredibly heavy, because she is made of pure metal, no plastic pieces at all. Nevertheless i took her with me, when i was travelling with my tribe in Italy in the nineties. And dragging her with me, when i returned with the train to Austria 1999. Meanwhile her motor is weak and i only use her on special occasions.

ancient tailor´s scissors

My scissors

I know she´s “just” a classical dressmaker shear, but she´s mine since 1983 – when i started fashion college. And she´s still my first choice, when it comes to cutting cloth – and only cloth.

many golden and silver buttons sewn on a curtainstash
my button repository

My buttons

I own a wild range of different buttons, collected over the years.
This is the start of my button-repository – there are still many buttons waiting to be stashed on it.

My ancient thread in the blue box

I collected this thread in a range in the late eighties / early nineties and supplemented from time to time with a certain colour i needed. They live from the very first in my blue box, which i found on a fleamarket.
As i am in the experimental phase now, i love to use up the old yarn. I want to use, what i already have instead of buying new stuff..

2 illustrative prints on green and turquoise cloth

My prints

This print named “evolution – controles toi” was designed by hand and screenprinted in 1999. A few pieces are still waiting for being used.


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