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Building on previous works

To reconnect with my creativity, i made kaleidoscope – one project per year /1990-2022: to remember and to be able to build on previous works.

Take a look!

one project per year /1990-2022

In the last 2 decades i spent quite a lot of time in front of a computer, building websites for a living. In this time i almost stopped sewing and crafting. But the desire never disappeared. Working with textiles started to become a distant dream for me, a kind of of i-will-do-it-later-dream.

2021 i started spending more time with my big love: Sewing and crafting with all kinds of textiles. Currently i am reconnecting with my passion and experimenting with different techniques to find my textile voice again.

From now on i will document my experiments and my progress regularly in this space.

Illustration: A cute magicienne enlightens the world
La petite magicienne (1999)


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2 replies on “Building on previous works”

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    Herrliche Sache – Deine Arbeiten, Deine Bilderwelten, Deine Inhalte.
    Dein Kaleidoskop berührt. Tief.
    Great artist in You.

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      Helga says:

      Danke, Günther. Das bedeutet mir viel!

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